Oversættelser/gendigtninger af Ole Bundgaards Haiku

Posted: 10. december 2012 in Haiku, Mus White oversættelser/gendigtninger

Den dansk-amerikanske forfatter Mus White har oversat og gendigtet en række haiku af blogejeren til amerikansk.
Disse haiku vil efterhånden som de bliver oversat/gendigtet dukke op her.

19. Januar —Page 25

I have thrown a stone
In a glass house only once
And never again

4. Marts — Page 70

The daylight breaks through
Early mornings are the best
When I hear you breathe

5. Marts — Page 71

Scaffolding ready
Standing with rope around neck
En route toward earth

14. Marts — Page 80

Each morning I walk /
Across the stream for water /
But forget the pail

15. Marts — Page 81

The empty bottles
Damn, it hurts like the dickens
Riding the wild night

20. April — Page 117

Now daylight turns clear
And springtime comes sneaking in
But I stand ready

29. April — page 126

Spring is on its way
The sun is orbiting back
But with a sore throat

3. May — page 130

A bird flies high up
It’s seen against the sun’s sphere
Touches down again

7. Juli — Page 195

Stampeding beetles
Night sleeping wet and rainy
Tomorrow the sun

26. Juli — page 214

The nights of summer
Recumbent on the green grass
I’m over the moon

3. September  — Page 253

A late summer’s day
Trees, the branches, the leaves, fruit
Yearning for a bite

4. September — Page 254

A leaf flutters down
No sign of wind anywhere
It is September

20. October — Page 300

Autumn frost coming
Desperate insects push to
Accomplish it all

28. October — Page 308

Fog sits low to ground
The trees plough their way through it
And I cough softly

30. Oktober — Page 310

A low horizon
The clouds whirling overhead
I stand near the sea


3. Januar — page 9

En frostklar morgen
fuglen spiser af hånden
og flyver igen

A clear frosty morn
The bird eats from open hand
And takes off again

16. Januar — Page 22

Darkness breaking through
Steadfast beat of injustice
And the long silence

17. January — Page 23

Set go fratricide
Indeed, I hate Peter Plys
He is way too much

8. Februar — Page 45

In nothing to trust
Wind blowing in the alley
It is up for grabs

22. January — Page 28

Winter has arrived /
Spread out over the landscape /
Snow on the tile roof
25.January — page 31

I det skæve liv
er linealen fremmed
godt jeg er lidt rund

In life’s skewed waistline
The yardstick is a stranger
Good thing I am round


18. February — Page 55

Either the moment /
Or the right timing as well /
Two gals in my bed Snow on the tile roof


3. Marts — Page 69

Old men shed tears when /
The world is out of order /
Perhaps it’s helpful

8. Marts — page 74

Min tissemand er
tilstede i voldsom grad
fordi du er her

My dick is strongly
Letting his own presence known
Because you are here

9.Marts — page 75

Sol over Gudhjem
bambusskud i urskoven
candyfloss verden

Sun over Gudhjem
Bamboo shoot in rain forest
Cotton candy world

10. Marts — Page 76

I live in the land
Of the many clouds, and I
Think mostly of sun

16. April — Page 113

The striped window panes
Light falls oblique from the left
I retrieve my saw

11. Marts — page 77

I den mørke nat
mødes katte i gården
så er der koncert

In the dark of night
Cats meet up in the backyard
Then there is concert

13. Marts — page 79 (1/28/13)

Der står en lille
pige i en gul kjole
nu er hun gået

A little girl is
Standing in a yellow dress
And now she is gone

16. Februar — Page 53

The seagull at sea
Stares hard upon nothingness
That resembles food

17. Marts — Page 83

In the morning mist
Tiny polished pearls of dew
Light where earth meets sky

19.March — page 85

Arme Riddere
de har tennisalbuer
må mave sig frem

Poor Knights of Armors
Tennis elbows befall them
They must learn to crawl

26.Marts — page 92

En skyfri himmel
to fugle på en gren så
flyver den ene

Blue sky free of clouds
Two birds sitting on a branch
And then there is one

25. Februar — Page 62

The heart on the sleeve
Of the blue-green winter night
Rips snowdrop flowers

27.Marts — page 93

Gåsen skræpper op
den forlanger at blive
taget alvorligt

The goose goes cackling
She makes demands on the world
To get some respect

30. Marts — Page 96

The swans make a run
On water and take off while
The wings make a song


1.April —Page 98

A narrative tale /
The moon, the tree, and the birds /
Throughout all of time

Dagger sheathed and sharp

3. April — Page 100

Rite of spring coming /
Flickers of light in my eyes /
Crocuses break soil

4. April — Page 101
En krusedulle
er solen på min tegning
Gråvejr udenfor

Doodle on paper
Is the sun in my drawing
Overcast outside

6. April — page 103

Nede i mørket
er metroens domæne
og vandet siver

Deep down in the dark
The metro rules the kingdom
And the sea seeps in

10. April — page 107

Huset er gammelt
lidt løbesod på væggen
kaminen er væk

The house is timeworn
Traces of soot on the wall
The wood stove is gone

11. April —  Page 1 (2/1/13)

Dug på vinduet
lyse striber på gulvet

Dew on window pane
Stripes of soft light on the floor
The morning’s pictures

12. April — page 109

Harald Hårbager
med fåret I postkassen
hvor smiler fagert

Harald the Fair-haired
Sheepish in the letter box
Where smiling spreads light

14. April — page 111

Jeg bygger et hus
med udsigt over vandet
regnen vælter ned

I build a homestead
With a view across waters
The rain is pouring

19. April — Page 116

I kiss your hand and
You open your eyes wide and
You lower your gaze

21. April — Page 118

A boy scout stands there /
Always prepared and ready
Dagger sheathed and sharp

22. April — page 119

En svag dis bølger
jeg tænder den bærbare
det må skrives ned

Waves of a faint mist
I turn on the portable
It must be noted

27. April — page 124 

Her er et stort æg
Den lille hvide høne
Har lagt det i dag

Here is a big egg
The little white hen has gone
And laid it today

April 30 — page  127 (2/2/13)

Jeg går mig en tur
Møder ingen vilde dyr
Kun en stribet kat

I go for a walk
I meet no wild animals
Only a striped cat


4. Maj — Page 131

Finespun kelp in sea
The bowsprit breaking a wave
The boat heels over

5.May — Page 132

Klap gællerne i
si’r muslingen og strammer
skallerne om vand

Now close the trap shut
Says the mussel and squeezes
Water between shells

6. May — Page 133

Forår en morgen
Klart lys paa diset baggrund
Hvad bli’r det vejr til

Some springtime morning
Clear light on misty background
What weather to come

8. Maj — page 135

Maleren maler
sit billede fuld af liv
modellen er død

The painter creates
His image full of vigor
The model is dead

10. Mai — page 137

Når tågen letter
bøgetræets lyse bark
svimlende lykke

When the fog uplifts
The blond bark of the beech tree
Punch-drunk happiness

16. May — Page 143

Flooded in bright light /
I awaken one morning /
And summer is near

29. May — page 156

Jeg går i det fri
fuglene, den rene luft
skoene, for små

I, in open air
The birds, the sparkling clean skies
The shoes, way too small

30. May — page 157

fyldt til bristepunket med
Alle drømmene

The shrimp traps are filled
Bursting at their breaking point
With every dream

31. May — Page 158

Havet, brændingen
Solen I horisonten
Gud og go’morgen

Sea, breaking the waves
The sun in the horizon
God and good morning


2. Juni — Page 160

The cow in the field
Ruminates on the green grass
And eternity

3. Juni — Page 161

The stripes in the wake
Make a morning dance backwards
Pleasure boats cruising

4.Juni — page 162

Vandre langs stranden
intense samtaler og
sand i skoene

A stroll on the beach
Impassioned conversations
And sand in the shoes

9. Juni — Page 167
Læser i haven
Om naturens mirakel
En dag ser jeg det

Reading in garden
About nature’s miracle
One day I’ll see it

5. Juni — Page 163

On a clear morning /
The birds fly across the sky /
And a cat looks up

14. Juni — page 172

The small glass bowl stands
On the table in the sun
Golden in the light

15. June — page 173

Kuglepennen er
forfatterens bedste ven
på telttur til Mols

The ballpoint pen is
The writer’s best companion
When camping on Mols

16. Juni — page 174

Jeg maler lyset
om søndagen, og mørket
de andre dage

I paint the lightness
On Sunday, and the darkness
On the other days

25. Juni — page 183

Fuglen på græsset
stirrer mod evigheden
med orm i næbet

The bird in the grass
Stares toward eternity
With worm in the beak


2. Juli — page 190

Urter i haven
timian, merian, rosmarin
duften af sommer

Herbs in the garden
Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme
The scent of summer

3. July — page 191

Dagen går i sin gang
blomsterne springer ud og
hønen plukker sig

Flowers are blooming
The day moves to its own drum
The hen preens herself

4. Juli — page 192

En lille bille
piler henover en bænk
regnen siler ned

A little beetle
Makes a dash across a bench
Rain is pouring down

5.July — page 193

Træernes skygge
bevæger sig med vinden
henover græsset

Shadows under trees
Move hand in hand with the wind
Across the tall grass

8. Juli — Page 196

The fly stuffs herself
She has but just woken up
World of time ahead

9. Juli — Page 197

Upon the green leaf
Sits the ladybug stuffing
Herself on a louse

11. Juli — page 199

Sød lugt af olie
nabogrillenes terror
t-bone stank on tour

Sweet smell of burnt oil
Terror threat by neighbors’ grills
T-bone stench on tour

12. Juli — Page 200

It comes down at length /
Rain all day and all night long /
It’s more than enough

14.July — Page 202

Damp coals on the grill /
But what, pray tell, should I tell /
My angry stomach

16. Juli — Page 204

Here in the garden /
There are trees, grass, light and birds /
And then there is me

17. Juli — 205
En puslen I græs
således sker undret
et pindsvin på vej

Slight rustling in grass
Like that the surprise happens
Porcupine passing

21. Juli — Page 209

Regnen pisker ned
og vinden hyler, mens jeg
står klar ved grillen

Rain comes down in spates
And the wind is howling as
I’m about to grill

22. Juli — page 210 

Solbær gror upad
Og når lyset falder ned
Ber’ de fadervor’

Black currents grow straight
Upward and when daylight falls
They say their prayer

24. Juli — page 212

Stjernene blinker
stemmer i sommernatten
men’sker går forbi

The stars twinkle bright
Voices in the summer night
And people walk by


2. August — page 221

Endnu midsommer
duftene fylder natten
stilheden lurer

Midsummer still here
Summer’s sweet scents fill the night
The silence lurking

3. August — Page 222
hvorfor bruge mange ord
et kan gøre det

And why use so many words
One alone will do

12.August — page 231

Musikant får lyst
månen i den lyse sø
musik i natten

The fiddler’s fervor
Moon’s silver feet in the lake
Music in the night

14. August — Page 233

Trees bestowing shade /
Meandering silhouettes /
Across the green grass

17. August — page 236

Guldsmede danser
de sommerhede nætter
henover søen

Dragonflies flitter
In nocturnal summer’s heat
Across the glassed lake

24. August — page 243

Sidder på engen
og spiser en is, mens jeg
ser solen gå ned

In the green meadow
I sit eating my ice cream
And watch the sunset

28. August — page 247

Ser ud i haven
et egern kommer forbi
kikker og er væk

Out in the garden
Spotting a squirrel pass by
Looks around and gone


5. September — page 255

En mand på en stol
han skutter sig og gaber
så rejser han sig

A man on a chair
He shivers a bit and yawns
Then straightens himself

7. September — Page 257

Bølger hurtigt i luften
Vender og er væk

The flocks of birds fly
Making quick waves in the air
Overturn and gone

8. September — page 258

gyldne frugter is skålen
de visne blade

The autumnal sun
The golden fruits in the bowl
Summer’s leaves wizened

9. September — page 259

Nyder aftenen
min cigar er gået ud
så nu går jeg ind

Enjoying the dusk
My cigar is going out
So I go inside

11. September — page 261

Det er en festdag
fødselaren skal fejres
regnen vælter ned

It’s a happy day
Now fêting the birthday child
Rain is effusive

12.September — page 262

Sommetider er
jeg vinden i sivene
pusler lidt og går

At times I’m the wind
A swish that potters about
And departs the reeds

13. September — page 263

Deep blue sky above /
And the hen endeavoring /
To lay but one egg

21. September — page 271

“Slå tiden ihjel”
det er der ingen grund til
den går af sig selv

”Killing time” anew
No rhyme and reason for that
It goes by itself

27. September — Page 277

Sunshine skims the wall
Golden light of late summer
In through the window

28. September — Page 278

I’m drinking my tea
And write in a poem that
I’m drinking my tea


6. October — page 286 (1/30/13))

Engang var skoven
stedet hvor man fortalte

Once the forest was
The place where you told all of
The most secret things

10. October — Page 290

The street is empty /
Feeling the rain pouring down /
And going indoors

11.October — page 291

Regntågen letter
ormene gnasker lystigt
solen bag en sky

The gray drizzle lifts
Worms munch merrily away
Sun plays hide and seek

14. Oktober — page 294

En smag af nødder
langt hen på efteråret
snart er det vinter

A taste of chestnuts
In the late autumn hour
Soon it is winter

15. October — page 295

Læser avisen
store begivenheder
er skrevet med småt

Reading the paper
Major events are written
With small impression

21. October — Page 301

De store nætter
fyldte med vanvittig snak
dagen blegner lidt

The majestic nights
Filled with wild and crazy talk
The day pales a bit

23. Oktober — Page 303

Når sneen falder
En morgen i november
Rejser jeg mod syd

When the snow falls on
A morning in November
I journey southwards

26. Oktober — Page 306

Eagle against wind
The oh so violet sky
Brief moment in time

31. October — page 311

Vinden i natten
fortæller gamle sagn om
vinden i natten

The wind in the night
Tells ancient legends about
The wind in the night


4. November — page 315

Snart falder sneen
de brune blade falder
og dine tårer

Before long snow falls
Now the brown leaves are falling
And your tears as well

6. November — page 317

En dør smækkes i
et blik bag et vindue
regngrå november

Now a door slams shut
A glance behind a window
Gray November rain

7. November — Page 318

Pedestrian street /
A room with long glass walls brushed /
By rays of the sun

8. November — Page 319

Jeg finder en flaskepost:
“Send flere penge”

The Ivory Coast
I find message in bottle:
“Send some more money“

9. November — Page 320

Indeed, even trees
popped out pop in soon again
When winter returns

10. November — Page 231 (1/31/13)

De sørgmodige
ravne venter på natten
for her er de til

The melancholic
Ravens wait for night to come
For here they belong

11. November — Page 322

The deaf one listens /
To nothing whatsoever /
The hearing one too

12. November — Page 323

Dead souls unfriendly /
Comprehending the wasteland /
They walk side by side

20.November — page 331

Vilde November
desuden er lyset sort
hest uden bidsel

Feral November
Withal the daylight comes black
Horse without bridle

27. November — page 338 (1/29/13)

Ude på landet
høres lyden af en bil
som et tordenvejr

In the countryside
The sound of a car is heard
As a thunder storm

28. November — page 339

Så er det godnat
til alle og enhver og
så min nabos kat

A goodnight to all
To each and all a goodnight
My neighbor’s cat too


9.December — page 350

Tar’ min trompet frem
blæser verden et stykke
blæse vær’ med det

Bring out my trumpet
Don’t give a hoot for the world
Blowing it all off

14. December — page 355

svømmer sig berusede
i den frosne sø

The polar bathers
Swimming to oblivion
In the frozen sea

18. December — page 359

Og I dæmringen
ligger jeg her og ser ud
på et gammelt træ

And in the twilight
I’m lying here and looking
Upon an old tree

December 29 — page 265

Lyset er helt klart
morg’nen er enkel og ren
indian summer

The light is see-through
The morning is plain and clean
Indian summer

  1. Martin Kargaard Thomsen siger:

    Din skøre kuGle 😉

  2. Mus White siger:

    Howling by the moon /
    Can’t find my head or my hat /
    To hang in Haiku

  3. Debora siger:

    I’m amazed, I must say. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s
    both equally educative and engaging, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head.

    The problem is something not enough people are speaking intelligently about.
    I’m very happy I came across this during my search for something relating to this.

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